Are you looking for an independent head tilt control? Discover the FLEX TOP option offered on the Malia, Thaïa and Pierrot models from our Harlequin collection.


FLEX TOP allows you to adjust the head section on each side independently and adjust the FOOT section to sleepers preferred positions. This allows you to have independent adjustments without the center gap.


We only use quality materials in our products: these mattresses have a removable and washable cover. The all-new Harlequin Cooler fabric incorporates a 540 gms polyethylene fibre with high moisture wicking. The cooling surface is designed for optimal comfort and to maintain a lower surface temperature ensuring a restful sleep




  • Concealed technology – Fully adjustable
  • No bulky external structure
  • Designed to be installed on any type of bed (US and Worldwide patent)
  • Bluetooth control system
  • Voted and acclaimed the best adjustable mattress allowing the achievement of the OPTIMAL ZERO GRAVITY POSITION HARLEQUIN
  • Upholstered in Harlequin Cooler fabric for a modern, clean look that fits perfectly on any bed frame.
  • The head and foot can be raised to the desired position, providing maximum comfort for you and your partner.




The wireless remote has 7 pre-programmed positions. In addition, you can therefore save your favourite positions:

  • Zero Gravity position simulates weightlessness – eliminating pressure from lower limbs and lower back.
  • Anti-snore position slightly raises the head of the bed to open the airways to improve breathing and to reduce snoring.
  • Reading position
  • Lumbar stretch position
  • Sitting position
  • Sleeping position
  • Flat position


Includes the Bluetooth mobile module that allows the bed to be controlled with your smartphone or tablet via our free app.


10-year limited warranty on mattress and internal structure.


3-year warranty on motor and electronic components.




  • Ultra-quiet lifting system
  • Head elevates up to 60 degrees
  • Foot rise up to 38 degrees
  • 4 plans technology – Allows adjustable heights