The only adjustable mattress | Experience the ZERO GRAVITY sensation

A perfect balance between technology, design and well being

The innovative Harlequin technology integrated and fully dissimulated within the mattress offers a unique sensation to every type of sleeper. Dive into the ZERO GRAVITY HARLEQUIN sensation as your mattress entirely molds your body’s morphology with its fluid joint movement technology, eliminating all pressure points and back pain.

The ultra deluxe model of the Harlequin Collection, with its unique composition of 100 % natural raw materials is designed for those seeking the naturally perfect sleeping experience as well as the ZERO GRAVITY sensation offered by our joint technology integrated within the mattress.

  • The Harlequin exclusive technology offers you the only adjustable mattress requiring no base for its ideal joint.
  • Bluetooth connection to synchronize your smartphone or tablet to access all of the functions and control system for your adjustable Harlequin mattress
  • Calibrate your ZERO GRAVITY position, unique to each sleeper. Harlequin exclusive.
  • Calibrate your sleeping position, unique to each sleeper, whether you sleep on your back, stomach, side or all three. Harlequin exclusive
  • Handmade in Canada

Semi-Firm comfort version, handmade, padded wool russet, GOTS organic cotton cover


Reception area
The reception area layers are made of soft and luxurious raw materials with outstanding properties of heat regulation and efficient technology for sweat and humidity absorption, all working together to keep you in a comfortable zone at all time. By using only natural components such as camel and alpaca wools as well as cashmere, silk and GOTS certified organic cotton, we wish to contribute to your comfort and well being.


First suspension area
While being resistant, flexible and continually ventilating, the components within this area of the mattress softly cushion each part of your body, free of pressure. This ultimate comfort experience is obtained using a natural flexible GOLS certified latex, 100 % organic combined to a horsehair surface and a few thousands of pocket micro springs.


Suspension core
The core of the mattress is designed in a single piece of a natural firm GOLS certified latex, 100% organic which stabilizes the pressure exerted while you sleep on your back, stomach, side or all three.

  • Wireless controller with light button for position memorization programming, Harlequin exclusive


  • Lumbar function: This Harlequin exclusive button on your controller allows you to relieve the lumbar stress in your lower back.


  • Button to set the rising of your head to a degree that suits your needs for reading, working on your tablet or watching television. Also very effective for the relief of acid reflux and to reduce your snoring when not simply used as a wonderful relaxation tool.


  • Button to set the rising of your knees, placing you in a lounger position with your knees higher than your feet.


  • Certifications : OEKO-TEX /GOLS/GOTS

10 years on mattress
10 years on joint system
3 years on power units
2 years on electronic components

  • Harlequin Global Patent Technology


  • 13 inches high


  • Available dimensions (inches) : 38 x 80 / 36 x 84 /30 x 80 / 39 x 75 / 54 x 80 / 54 x 75 / 60 x 80 / 76 x 80 / 72 x 84 / 72 x 80


  • Customize your mattress in non-standard dimensions available

Our 100% natural raw materials

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