Wake up! Feeling recharged and positive after a beautiful night of sleep.

Pur Gel is an innovative sleeping technology. The non toxic polyuréthane solid gel modulates in all shapes to adapt to your morphology, offering your body a greater blood circulation and evenly support as it eliminates every single pressure point.


The REFRESHING mattress with its Pur Gel technology has a very active thermal conductivity designed to maintain your body at its optimal temperature by dispersing heat and humidity. A good body temperature positively impacts the quality of your nights, allowing you to dive more firmly into your deep sleep phase.


Feeling fresh? Our Pur Gel model is an innovative sleeping technology with a modern mattress design, becoming a prestige element of your bedroom. The entirely amovible cover allows you to have it cleaned from time to time. Touch and feel the freshness of this unique Pur Gel mattress! Designed to keep your body at its optimal temperature at all time, Pur Gel modulates in all shapes to adapt to your morphology and evenly support your body, eliminating every single pressure point whether you sleep on your back, stomach, side or all three.

  • Individually wrapped, high-calibre compensated pocket coil springs
  • High resolution, open cell foam
  • Handmade in Canada
  • 10 year warranty on the mattress

Semi-firm comfort version
Cover: This trend-setting mattress cover is so stylish and pleasant to the touch, you will want to keep it uncovered in the room! The elastic twill fabric allows the sleeper to feel the whole effect of the refreshing PUR GEL technology.


Reception area
The reception area is made of a 1 cm thick PUR GEL layer that delicately moulds your whole body. The capsules design isolates the gel, providing a three-dimensional support and reducing pressure. As it eliminates lumbar pains et softens the pressure exerted by shoulders and hips, this surface suspension is your passport to a restorative, refreshing night of sleep.


Intermediate suspension
Let your mattress mould your body like a glove with its 2.54cm elastic viscose foam layer coupled to the PUR GEL layer. Every single part of your body is gently coated and all pressure is progressively sent away while you slowly fall into the weightlessness effect.


Suspension core
The mattress core is made of two pieces. The first is a GOLS certified 100% organic latex layer offering great pressure stabilization to all types of sleepers as well as some high performance ventilation properties that will keep you from feeling an uncomfortable heat. The GOLS certified foam layer will assure you to find the optimal position for your body due to its great density and firmness.

  • 10 inches high
  • Available sizes (inches) : 39 x 75 /39 x 80 / 54 x 80 / 54 x 75 / 60 x 80 / 76 x 80 / 72 x 84 / 72 x 80
  • Customize your mattress in non-standard dimensions, available.
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