Better sleep, better living.

NasaSleep, uses a high-density viscoelastic foam with very high numbers of open cells and infused with solid polyurethane gel that controls your body’s unique morphology and regulates your body temperature.

Its foam is sensitive to the heat of your body. This heat allows the memory foam to adjust perfectly to the shape of your body. It distributes your weight evenly over the surface of the mattress, ensuring better blood circulation. This symbiosis minimizes pressure points and provides unparalleled comfort. The Micro-Encapsulation technology absorbs thermal energy fluids and stores a high amount of energy, constantly maintaining its own temperature. You will no longer experience this unpleasant feeling of heat that interferes with your sleep.   With Nasa Sleep, your body is suspended in a natural sleeping position that no other padding material can provide. The pressure exerted on your body causes pain, which causes us to change our position. Any mattress should fit the body and not the other way around. Nasa Sleep is the only mattress that supports and distributes your body weight evenly without pressure points, greatly reducing the need to change positions.   All our foams undergo a soy-based baking process, reducing the petrochemical content normally used in conventional polyurethane foam. In addition, we comply with the Canadian Zero Emission Standard.

Our Nasa mattress is the All Comfort model of the collection. Each component of the CertiPUR-US high density foam offers great flexibility, moderate firmness and a support strength that provides the kind of symbiotic comfort that allows you to drift off in no time!

  • 10 year warrantee
  • Handmade in Canada

Semi-firm comfort version
Cover: Made of rich Bamboo fiber, this fabric is soft to the touch and provides an increased durability as well as an anti-dust-mite property contained within the natural fiber, offering you natural protection.


Reception area
The reception area layer contains two levels of CertiPUR-US raw materials to welcome you easily as soon as you lay down so you can feel an exhilarating immersion of your body and a weightlessness sensation night after night.


Intermediate suspension
The CertiPUR-US highly resistant lumbar channel foam will cushion and stabilize every pressure point of your body while keeping the  coating effect of the reception area.


Suspension core
The mattress core is made in a single piece of a firm CertiPUR-US foam of great density that stabilizes your body in its optimal position. The addition of a supportive contour peripheral foam assures you a good stability when sitting on the mattress border.

  • 10 inches high


  • Available dimensions (inches) : 39 x 75 / 39 x 80 / 54 x 80 / 54x 75 / 60 x 80 / 76 x 80 / 72 x 84 / 72 x 80


  • Customize your mattress in non-standard sizes available