A Mattress to yawn. The Qualityrest series ensures the comfort of Grand Hotels and Suites, Boutique Hotels and cosy small inns.

Suspension core is the most valuable component in designing a mattress that guarantees you the best support for your body allowing you to sleep perfectly at all times.


We design thousands of mattresses per year for all your North American hotel projects, our know-how allows us to customize your project according to the mission of your hotel and to add our most advanced technologies to offer you a unique comfort experience to each of your guests (es) which guarantees you a loyalty of this one for their stay in hotel need.

St Regis Model
The Signature model of this collection is the St Regis 5 Diamonds. Every raw materials entering its design have the attributes needed to offer the mattress a distinctive comfort and an outstanfing durability. This classy looking model has a high profil urban design and matches any type of bed.

  • 10 years warranty
  • Handmade in Canada

Soft comfort version
Cover: Feel the rich and soft sensation of the high-end spandex coming from our Exceptional collection.


Reception area
This reception layer is made of raw materials combined to a generous Hi Loft foam stuffing of high density and great flexibility, as well as a 100% CERTIPUR-US corrugated foam layer that keeps you in a zone of great comfort at all time. The open cell HYBRID foam, CertiPUR-US with antimicrobial properties is added to a layer of over 1764 micro-springs, providing a weightlessness feeling and a stabilization of body pressure, insuring all types of sleepers the restorative night of sleep they deserve.


Suspension core
The core of our Qualityrest Edge mattress is designed with highly technological pocket springs and contains 7 lumbar support zones as well as the peripheral and contour areas offering a soft support for knees and shoulders. The high density of 1384 micro-springs and the gauge that oscillates between 14 and 17 offer an ultimate stability thus allowing a perfect marriage between support and comfort whether you sleep on your back, stomach, side or all three.

  • 13 inches high


  • Available dimensions (inches) : 39 x 75 / 39 x 80 / 54 x 80 / 54 x 75 / 60 x 80 / 76 x 80 / 72 x 84 / 72 x 80


  • Customize your mattress in non-standard dimensions available


  • Certifications : OEKO-TEX / CertiPUR-US / / CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES STANDARD 100 /