Inspired by nature for a sane, deep and restorative sleep.

The natural element within the GOLS certified 100% organic LATEX has many benefits on your health. Its natural flexibility has amortizing properties for every point of pressure, insuring that your body receives the best support while offering you an ultimate quality of sleep, at all time!

This Natural Latex collection at Literie Laurier was designed for those seeking a totally natural sleeping experience without compromise. From planting to manufacturing, the GOLS certified Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree shows full transparency along its chain of production, ensuring you that buying such mattress is an environmentally friendly choice. Furthermore, did you know that those trees absorb a huge amount of carbon dioxide during their 30 years’ life expectancy before being cut and replanted?

Outlast Model / Bamboo cover
Looking for the very best in terms of natural sleep? Our flagship Outlast model, made of strictly natural raw materials, is an ideal choice. It has a high profile urban design matching any kind of bed and it comes in two different comfort levels to suit the needs of all types of sleepers.

  • Handmade in Canada
  • 10 years warranty on mattress
  • The Harlequin exclusive technology offers you the only adjustable mattress requiring no base for its ideal articulation.

Firm comfort version
Bamboo cover: This ecological fabric is an amazing environmentally friendly solution comprising strong antibacterial properties. Also, its mattress surface is equipped with a zipper.


Reception area
The raw material used in the reception area combines a fluffy merino wool and a generous layer of 100% certified CertiPUR-US corrugated foam. Those components are highly efficient for sweat absorption, keeping you in a comfortable zone at all time. The use of a GOLS certified 100% organic latex with increased ventilation performance protects you from an uncomfortable feeling of heat.


Suspension core
The mattress core is designed in a single piece of GOLS certified, 100% natural and organic latex that stabilizes the pressure exerted by your body whether you sleep on your back, stomach, side or all three.

  • 13 inches high


  • Available dimensions (inches): 39 x 75 / 39 x 80 / 54 x 80 / 54 x 75 / 60 x 80 / 76 x 80 / 72 x 84 / 72 x 80


  • Customize your mattress in non-standard dimensions available



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